Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday at Cub Scout Day Camp - Safari

Wednesday the Wildebeasts had a great day. They enjoyed each of their stations and were bummed they didn't have time to have free time and play their little war games. lol

Getting ready for opening flag.
Donovan is a staff member this year. He thought he would liven things up a bit. Silly boy.

Our first station was goals and yo-yos. The boys wrote what they wanted to get out of cub scouts on little pieces of wood.

Then they painted yo-yos.
Our next station was a huge hit. The boys made tie snakes. They weren't able to finish them at camp. Michael and I finished his at home. I do believe he is sleeping with it.

There was a lunch time special with the older boy scouts. They were having a singing match and played red light/green light. The boys had a good time.

Right after lunch we had archery. Receiving safety instructions is a must.

Michael getting ready to shoot.

Retrieving the arrows.
Retrieving more arrows.
Returning arrows to the quivers.

Then we moved on to frogs. The boys weren't able to finish these at camp either. So Michael and I finished his at home. They thought what was done at camp was pretty cool though.

Our last station was making banana boats and a little song time. The boys really liked their station leader - Jonathan. He is really personable with the boys.

Getting the bananas ready. First, start at the bottom of the banana and peel a strip away.

Then cut a little away and stuff chocolate chips and marshmallows into the crevice you made.

Put the peel back on and wrap your banana in foil.

Put the banana boats in the fire. The fire was the highlight. I don't think the boys cared about their bananas once they saw the fire.
Cooking the banana boats. Let them sit for about 10 minutes or so.
Getting ready to enjoy some seriously good food!

This is a banana boat. It was very yummy.

Michael thoroughly enjoyed his!

More singing time.
On the way to closing flag Perry found a character snake. He was so excited!

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I just love this picture! The's the place to be!

I just love this picture!  The's the place to be!
I think this was in 2004. It was Nephi's first trip to the beach. The boys were all so little! My have they grown.

Meet the Parents...Russell and Candace

Meet the Parents...Russell and Candace
It all started for us when Russell left for Cape Town South Africa on a mission. Candace felt inspired to write him - so she did! We wrote for 3 1/2 years. Candace came home from her mission to the Texas Houston East Mission and we dated for 5 months. We married in July 1994 and have been happy ever after!

Son 1...Donovan

Son 1...Donovan
Our 14 year old boy scouter, 50 miler bike rider, cartoon drawer, computer gamer, book reader, clarinet player, babysitter, 8th grader boy!

Son 2...Christopher

Son 2...Christopher
Our 13 year old, boy scouter, harry potter computer gamer, lego creator, imaginator, book reader, 6th grader boy!

Son 3...Michael

Son 3...Michael
Our 9 1/2 year old drama king, perfectionist (I wonder if he gets that from mom? lol), drawer of many things, 3rd grader boy!

Son 4...Nephi

Son 4...Nephi
Our8 year old keeper of surprises, leg breaker, book listener, lego creator, music enjoyer, 1st grader boy!