Monday, November 3, 2008


We use this for our chore chart. Originally it was just the boys. I had wanted everyone to be up there. Russell informed me he wasn't going to work all day and THEN come home and do chores. So I just had a chart for the boys. Well.......
Russell thought it would be a great idea to have a job chart like he did growing up. Where EVERYONE was on the chart! O ho! I see how this works. :) Now everyone is on the job rotation. Our rotation consists of living room (dust, put toys/books away and vacuum), toy room/laundry room (sweep, put toys away, bring in firewood, do the weekly laundry), dishes (empty/fill dishwasher, sweep floor, scrub floor, wipe off counters, set table, clear table, put food away and garbage. It's the biggest chore.), family room (dust, put books/toys away and vacuum) bathrooms (notice I said "rooms". do sinks, toilets, bath tubs, sweep, scrub floors, mirrors). Originally it was just the boys' bathroom on their rotation. Russell decided to make it both. And the final job isn't really a job at all! It's the vacation slot. I got it last week. I was so excited! I still had to make meals and such but I didn't HAVE to clean up after myself. hehee I rather like this rotation a lot! But - I try to be a nice mom and help out where I can. So - I do try and keep the kitchen somewhat in order while I can/bake/cook during the day. The boys are each anticipating their own vacation weeks where they aren't responsible for anything else but themselves.
I love sharing the responsibilities!


Kim said...

That looks good. I keep trying to come up with an idea similar for our family. I think most are willing to help, they just don't think about it.

The Katy Daileys said...

I absolutely love it! Can I borrow it? You are amazing!

Candace said...

Hey Leah!
Of course you can borrow it! :)

sticky said...

Wow, that's awesome, Candace, I love it! I need something like that, my 4 yo thinks cleaning up after him IS my job!

Good idea and it's dared cute too!!

I just love this picture! The's the place to be!

I just love this picture!  The's the place to be!
I think this was in 2004. It was Nephi's first trip to the beach. The boys were all so little! My have they grown.

Meet the Parents...Russell and Candace

Meet the Parents...Russell and Candace
It all started for us when Russell left for Cape Town South Africa on a mission. Candace felt inspired to write him - so she did! We wrote for 3 1/2 years. Candace came home from her mission to the Texas Houston East Mission and we dated for 5 months. We married in July 1994 and have been happy ever after!

Son 1...Donovan

Son 1...Donovan
Our 14 year old boy scouter, 50 miler bike rider, cartoon drawer, computer gamer, book reader, clarinet player, babysitter, 8th grader boy!

Son 2...Christopher

Son 2...Christopher
Our 13 year old, boy scouter, harry potter computer gamer, lego creator, imaginator, book reader, 6th grader boy!

Son 3...Michael

Son 3...Michael
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Son 4...Nephi

Son 4...Nephi
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