Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another season just about done...

Canning is just about officially done! I feel really good about what I was able to do this summer/fall. The only thing left is cranberries for homemade cranberry sauce.

Top row L-R we have tomatoes, pork, corn, beef stock, tuna, cranberry sauce, peach jelly, peach jam, peaches and blueberries.
Middle row L-R we have black beans, elk, ham, ham stock, green beans, pumpkin, potatoes, apple pie filling, unsweetened applesauce, applesauce and cherries.
Bottom row L-R is pinto beans, white beans, chicken, chicken soup, chicken stock, relish, pickles, beets and pears.
I have venison canned but the jars are put away in a box until the elk is used up.
In the freezer is strawberry jam, peach jam, and clean out the freezer jam (blueberry/peach/strawberry combo) very tasty!


The Katy Daileys said...

You are such a great example of following the Prophet! I am so impressed and hope to be you when I grow up! Great job!

zauggs said...

You are incredible! Russ is lucky to have found you!

Eileen said...

one week vacation? try the rest of the year - and then some! you do so much! it shows that russell appreciates it, though. it's all about "fair" and what that means. you're the bestest candace! hugs...ellie

Candace said...

Hey Ellie,
There is never a "true" break in my canning. lol I try and do it all year round. The winter/spring months is generally busy with turkey stock/soup and canning dry beans so they are ready to use. I am not a bean soakin' kind of girl. lol

francine-x-hpe said...

Isn't it fun to just look at it after you get it all done? We are still putting pears away. Cheers~!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to just sit and look at all the pretty jars when you get them lined up? We are still putting pears away. ;=]

I just love this picture! The beach...it's the place to be!

I just love this picture!  The beach...it's the place to be!
I think this was in 2004. It was Nephi's first trip to the beach. The boys were all so little! My have they grown.

Meet the Parents...Russell and Candace

Meet the Parents...Russell and Candace
It all started for us when Russell left for Cape Town South Africa on a mission. Candace felt inspired to write him - so she did! We wrote for 3 1/2 years. Candace came home from her mission to the Texas Houston East Mission and we dated for 5 months. We married in July 1994 and have been happy ever after!

Son 1...Donovan

Son 1...Donovan
Our 14 year old boy scouter, 50 miler bike rider, cartoon drawer, computer gamer, book reader, clarinet player, babysitter, 8th grader boy!

Son 2...Christopher

Son 2...Christopher
Our 13 year old, boy scouter, harry potter computer gamer, lego creator, imaginator, book reader, 6th grader boy!

Son 3...Michael

Son 3...Michael
Our 9 1/2 year old drama king, perfectionist (I wonder if he gets that from mom? lol), drawer of many things, 3rd grader boy!

Son 4...Nephi

Son 4...Nephi
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