Monday, July 14, 2008

S'More Family Home Evening - Lots of pics!

Playing "I Spy..." while waiting for the coals to get really nice.
Russell handing out sticks and marshmallows.
A dad and 4 sons roasting their marshmallows.
Oops - we forgot to get a picture of dad with his! Oh well. He is back for seconds with Nephi.

Candace cleaning the sticks so we can use them again. Soon I hope!
Russell playing stick fighting with the boys. This is a favorite game of the boys. They like to re-enact Star Wars, Lord of the Rings - anything pretty much that has swords or light sabers.
"Move away from Donovan's tent" says Dad. Okay. We'll play here. Until someone scrapes the car. "Move away from the car!" says Dad.
On the way to the front yard to continue the fight. Watch out Russell - Donovan is sneaking up behind!
Oh No! Our first casualty. Nephi got bopped on the head. The pain lasted - oh - 2 minutes maybe and he was back at it.


Eileen said...

All of your sons are just beautiful - but Michael has got such a face. All I have to do is look at him and I laugh. He's so expressive. He reminds me of my vision of the character Puck from "A Midsummer Night's Dream". As usual, wonderful photo set. Poor little Nephi, though - but isn't it incredible how quickly they turn around?

Candace said...

Oh yeah - Michael is quite the character! :) If you really want a good laugh - link on Candace's pics. Once there link on Michael's name under "For each of my boys" or something like that. There are all sorts of Michael pics to give you laughter! :)

I just love this picture! The's the place to be!

I just love this picture!  The's the place to be!
I think this was in 2004. It was Nephi's first trip to the beach. The boys were all so little! My have they grown.

Meet the Parents...Russell and Candace

Meet the Parents...Russell and Candace
It all started for us when Russell left for Cape Town South Africa on a mission. Candace felt inspired to write him - so she did! We wrote for 3 1/2 years. Candace came home from her mission to the Texas Houston East Mission and we dated for 5 months. We married in July 1994 and have been happy ever after!

Son 1...Donovan

Son 1...Donovan
Our 14 year old boy scouter, 50 miler bike rider, cartoon drawer, computer gamer, book reader, clarinet player, babysitter, 8th grader boy!

Son 2...Christopher

Son 2...Christopher
Our 13 year old, boy scouter, harry potter computer gamer, lego creator, imaginator, book reader, 6th grader boy!

Son 3...Michael

Son 3...Michael
Our 9 1/2 year old drama king, perfectionist (I wonder if he gets that from mom? lol), drawer of many things, 3rd grader boy!

Son 4...Nephi

Son 4...Nephi
Our8 year old keeper of surprises, leg breaker, book listener, lego creator, music enjoyer, 1st grader boy!